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Just added!!! Fun Math Website: - Cool math games, lessons and more
Try this fun website for educational games...
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*Great skills for Second Graders!!!!!!
                       A great math website is .
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Math Magician

Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts by number

Math Magic

Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

 Math fun (Game website)
**It is expected that 2nd grade students respond automatically when asked an addition or subtraction fact.  Please practice with your flash cards, learn + and - strategies, and play the games below!
Click here for addition flashcards              
Click here for subtraction flashcards

Helping your child with addition: 
The following thinking strategies are useful for learning addition facts:
Adding zero
: The sum is always the other number. 8 + 0 = 8, 0 + 4 = 4
Counting on by 1 or 2: Find sums like 5 + 1 or 6 + 2 by simply counting on.
Combinations to 5: Learn combinations to 5 such as 3 + 2 or 4 + 1
Combinations to 10: Learn combinations to 10 such as 6 + 4 or 8 + 2
Doubles: Learn sums of doubles such as 4 + 4 or 6 + 6
Nines: When adding nines, the one digit in the sum is always one less than the number added to nine. For example 7 + 9 = 16, the 6 is one less than 7. Another example, 5 + 9 = 14
Doubles plus one: When addends are consecutive numbers, count on from the double. For instance, 7 + 8 becomes 7 + 7 + 1. Another example, 8 + 9 becomes 8 + 8 + 1
Sharing doubles: This method works when the addends differ by two. When this occurs, it is possible to subtract 1 from one addend and add to the other addend. This results in a doubles fact that has already been memorized, 7 + 5 becomes 6 + 6. Another example, 6 + 8 becomes 7 + 7.
Commutative Property: By changing the order, 3 + 4 to 4 + 3, facts can be recalled.


Helping your child with subtraction: 

The following thinking strategies for useful for learning subtraction facts:
Fact Families: This strategy works when students understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. When students see 6 - 2 and think 2 + ? = 6
Counting backwards: This method is similar to counting on in addition. It isn't quite as easy. Students should only count back up to three.
Zeros: The pattern for subtracting zero is readily recognizable. 5 - 0 = 5
Sames: This method is used when a number is subtracted from itself; this is another generalization that students can quickly identify. 7- 7= 0

Math Flash Cards               
Addition Machine                                              
Sum Sense  
Subtraction Machine                  
Tic Tac Toe Squares                                       
High Rise Math
Basketball Math                
Basketball Math Subtraction           
Math Baseball
Hi-Rise Math                                   
Aplus Math Addition Flashcards        
Quia Addition Matching Game 
Quia Concentration Addition                
Quia Addition Flashcards
Interactive Flashcards for Addition and Subtraction
Quia Addition Matching Game(2 digit regrouping)
Quia Addition Concentration Game(2 digit regrouping)
Quia Addition Flashcards(2 digit regrouping)
Math addition bingo

MATH MANIPULATIVES (to Use for Practice):
Virtual Manipulatives for K, 1st, and 2nd Graders


Telling Time
Show Me The Time game                           
Stop the Clock 1Telling time to 1/2 hour intervals.
Stop the Clock 2Telling time to 15 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 3Telling time to 5 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 4Telling time to the minute.
Stop the Clock 5Telling time to the minute.
Bang On TimeHelps student practice telling time.
Class ClockTool for teachers to help teach time.
Stop the Clock RMatching times written in text to the graphic match.

MONEY SITES $: Game) Games)
Counting Money                                         
Saxon Math--Counting Money
Money Flashcards                                     
Learning About Money
Quia Money Matching Game
Quia Money Flashcards                      
Quia Money Concentration

Count by Twos and Threes                     
Carnival Jackpot

Place Value - Each number has it’s own value or place.
639 “six hundred thirty nine“ = 6 hundreds, 3 tens, 9 ones
Expanded Form of 639 = 600 + 30 + 9 233="200+30+3
802 “Eight hundred two“ = 8 hundreds, 0 tens, 2 ones
Expanded Form of 802 = 800 + 00 + 2 or 800 + 2



Bowling for Fractions                      
All About Fractions
Fraction Race                                   
Pizza Party                                 
Fraction Games
Fraction Match                                
Cross the River                       
Quia Equivalent Fractions Matching Game
Quia Equivalent Fractions Flashcards
Quia Equivalent Fractions Concentration Game


Shape Explorer                        
Four Piece Tangram
Shape, Space, and Measure                 
Buzzing with Shapes                
Quilt Symmetry

Graph Creater                                         
Saxon Math Graphing                                                                   
Data Picking - Tally Charts
Bar Graph Creator                                  

FUN MATH GAMES: Math Flashcards math activities from the publisher of our math books Math puzzles, games and activities


*MATH STORY PROBLEMS:  If your child is having difficulty with story problems, visit these websites.  Or do a websearch on Yahoo! or Google for "free math story problems" to locate more sites.                      the 'sample' pages)     
Mental Math   
Problem Solving--interactive                                               
Math Puzzles - Genius Tests
Math Cats Story Problems 1                                                
Math Cats Story Problems 2

Adam Ant--Perimeter                          
Measure It!
Can You Fill It?                                    
Virtual Ruler

Quia Multiplication Matching Game                                    
Quia Multiplication Flashcards                                          
Quia Multiplication Concentration


Quia Division Matching 
Quia Division Concentration

spellingSPELLING WEBSITES:spelling
syllable game
Hangaroo(Really fun!!!!)
Hangman: suffixes -able and -ible practice               
Hangman: the i before e rule
Hangman: words starting bl, br, cr, cl, dr                  
Hangman: words starting fl, fr, gr, gl
Hangman: words starting thr, tr, tw                           
Hangman: words starting ch, k, ph and g
Hangman: words starting wh, c or sc                          
Hangman: words starting pl and pr
Hangman: words which have the "magic" e                  
Hangman: words ending -er, -or and -ar
Hangman: plurals of words ending -y                           
Hangman: to double or not to double?
Hangman: words starting in-, il-, im- and ir-
Hangman: words starting sc, sh, sl, sm, sn, sp, squ, st, and sw
Sticky Letters                                                                             
Alien Hangman
Look, Say, Cover, Type and Check                                     
Spell Check

Gator Smash ‘em Spelling                                           
Dungeon Escape

Cliff Hanger
Spell a Roo 
Phonics Games                                                                            

               Ways to study your spelling words
          You may use these for Speller's Choice too!
Spelling Bee -Practice spelling your words aloud to a parent or sibling.
Scrabble- Use Scrabble tiles to spell out your spelling words.
Spelling Flashcards - Make a set of flashcards to practice reading and spelling words
Cheer up for tall letters(b,d,t,l,h), hands on hips for middle letters(a,c,e,o), and cheer down low for letters that fall below the line(y,j,g) as you spell your words aloud.
Back Writing-
Use your finger to spell out each spelling word on someone's back.
Clean Words-
Write your spelling words with your finger in shaving cream on the counter or a paper plate or in the dust on furniture!
Magazine Words-Use letters in an old magazine, cut them out and glue them on your paper to make your spelling words.
Flash Writing -
In a darkened room, use a flashlight to write your spelling words on the wall or ceiling.
Letter Writing-
Write a letter to a friend or family member using all of your spelling words.  Mail it to them!
Toss-A-Word- Toss a ball with a partner.  Spell your words. You say the 1st letter, your partner says the 2nd letter, and so forth.
Trace Around-
Write each of your spelling works with a pencil.  Then trace around each word with a crayon or marker.
Type 'em -
Type your spelling words on a computer.  Make each word a different font or color!
Other Handed-
Write your spelling words with your right hand.  Then try to write them with your left hand!
Practice Test - Take a practice test by having your Mom
or Dad call out the words to you.

Grammar Gorilla
Mad Libs

Visit an online collection of animated picture books at  Students can listen to animated books or read them themselves.  At the top of the screen type in the Username: mse and Password: books.  Happy Reading
book *For tips to help your child become a better reader, visit the website:  

Visit the website 
for really fun activities from author Jan Brett! 
Try many different games to test your math, reading, and spelling skills! 
Are you up for the challenge?
Games games games!

Art Pallet 
Art Websites:Art
Destination Modern Art                                                                                 
Make Your Own Art Online
Go on an Art Safari                                            
The Artist’s Toolkit                              
Collage Machine
The Imagination Factory                                                      
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Smithsonian           
Museum of Web Art                             
Global Children’s Art Museum
Art Kids Rule!
A Lifetime of Color                      
Crayola Creativity Central
Muppet Central 
Architecture for Children                                                                               
The Puppetry Home Page                      
Music :  Play Music           Freaky Frank’s Music Machine            Musical Mysteries            Thumb Piano Tunes                            14 instruments, waiting on you to play them        
The Piano Player Magic Keyboard              Creating Music          Play a Piano       New York Philharmonic Kidzone                       Compose Online
Listen to instruments and learn about them

For fun wordsearches, puzzles, and activities, visit the following websites:

  ScienceSCIENCE:  Science


Look into outer space at this site! 
You can even design your own planet!
Astronomy for Kids

  FROG WEBSITES: winking frog animation

BUTTERFLIES:  animated butterfly
Life Cycle of Butterflies and Moths | Children's Butterfly Website ... Butterfly and Bugs

Rainforest Sites




                                                   Adventures in the Rainforest

Animals of the Rainforest

Be a Rainforest Hero


All About Rainforests

Tropical vs. Temperate Rainforest

View a Slide Show of the Rainforest.

Passport to the Rainforest

Animals of the Tropical Rainforest



Molecules of Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Characteristics of Materials game
Solids, Liquids, Gases activity
Solids, Liquids, Gases movie
Solids and Liquids game
Gases Around Us game
Changing States game
Reversible and Irreversible Changes game
Change It Game


 Matter Websites



Gases, Liquids and Solids

Characteristics of Matter

Changing States

Solids and Liquids

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Molecules of Matter

Change It!

Sunshine and Shadow

Infrared Photo Album

Hair Raising Science

Frankenstein’s Lightning Bolt Laboratory

The Blobz

Bite-size BBC

Fun Stuff With Matter



Penguin Party

Penguins in New ZealandVideos: 1, 2, and 3
Emperor Penguin Chick Photo Puzzle
Macaroni Penguin Puzzle
Penguin Photo Puzzle
Penguin Chick PuzzleCartoon Drawing. site) lights


Visit the website www.popcorn.orgfor fun activities and information about popcorn!!!
Visit these interesting websites to learn more about digestion.
Teeth and Eating
My Body from KidsHealth
Keeping Healthy
Moving and Growing
Health and Growth
The Digestive System from Harcourt
Skeletal Shakedown from Harcourt